The football News Article of Your Dreams: How to Win Like Ronaldo

The football News Article of Your Dreams: How to Win Like Ronaldo

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Last year, Christian Ronaldo also known as Cr7, one of the greatest footballers of our time was sold by his former football club to a new one for a staggering $110Million(dollars) or approximately N39.6 Billion (naira).

The move and more importantly the amount he was sold for dominated football news headlines around the world for quite a while as fans of the sport and others had an opinion about the price and even if you are not into football you would have to agree the amount is well…a lot and this does not even include his yearly salary of $35 Million for the next four years.

Too Much Money for a single individual?

Of course, they were those who were of the opinion that it was too much: seriously how can a single individual have such an amount attached to him just for kicking a ball around a field for ninety minutes?

It was such a heated issue that the owners of the football club who bought him faced a protest from some of their workers in their other line businesses.

After all, why pay such a huge sum for one individual? What about them working away in the factories? Surely their work counts for something? Why give one person that kind of money when several people lives can benefit from that kind of money?

Now, of course, their work is work. But could they as individuals bring in a profit to the owners as Ronaldo can?

People pay you for the value you can deliver

Now, the day the new t-shirt bearing Ronaldo’s name for his new club was launched they sold $60million worth of it which if you check is almost half the money he was bought for from his former club and that was just in 24hrs. Yes, 24 hours.

And that’s just the t-shirt there was no mention of things like the shorts, socks, branded football boots, away kits, jacket and a host of other items which I can’t all name here and we still haven’t touched how much it will cost to buy a ticket to watch him actually play.

 It will be fair to say that the Club owners are well on their way in not only getting the money they paid to buy him but will also profit and profit good barring any unforeseen circumstances.

The moral of the story here is that people pay for value. And Ronaldo as made himself very, very valuable.

He makes a lot of money for his employers. That’s why he gets paid what we may see as a ridiculous amount.

Apart from his regular salary as a football player, Ronaldo makes a lot of money from sponsorship deals.

He is one of three athletes that has a lifetime sponsorship deal with Nike.

The other two are Michael Jordan and LeBron James. The deal itself is worth about a $1billion.

Now that you understand why Ronaldo is considered so valuable. I want us to take a look at what he did to make himself that valuable, that is apart from the obvious he plays good football.

Think, if you can create such value or be of such value yourself you will be smiling all the way to the bank wouldn’t you?

Fortunately what he did and is still doing is something you can copy if you’re determined.

So it’s time we went behind closed doors. It’s time you found out what he does that makes him such an amazing footballer that is highly paid.

Image by sigit nur wicaksono from Pixabay

How Ronaldo does it

To start with Ronaldo found something he loves, is good at and is profitable.

When you find that sweet point between this three nurture it that’s exactly what he has been doing.

When you are passionate about something it’s easier to put in the effort to make it work and grow.

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He takes his job seriously

Ronaldo takes his job seriously. He has a strict training routine which he follows daily without fail.

He implements this routine consistently with little or no off days. Being human he may slip up a few times but he promptly gets back to it.

He also has an offseason routine too. So like a clock, he is at it 365 days in a year every year.

Routines are the way the mastery of any skill set is attained. But they hard start and stick to but if you are able to do so you become a master.

He works extra hours

Ronaldo also puts in extra work hours. He has been known to get to the training ground a few hours before his teammates and leave a few hours after.

He is disciplined

He also takes proper care of his work tool (body) he eats healthy and maintains a very strict diet and avoids alcohol and sleeps well.

As a great team of people, he works with

Another key to his success is he has surrounded himself with the right team of people who advise him on how to be at his best. Doctors, dieticians, work out coaches etc. And he listens to them and implements what they say.

He sacrifices a lot

Ronaldo has had to forgo quite a lot to be where he is. Feeding healthy mean going without beer, fast foods and chocolates.

Extra hours training and sleeping the required eight hours at night probably mean less time partying with friends, little or no Netflix night binging, video games and limited social media.

All this combined together has seen him become what he is today and the reason he is ahead of most footballers in terms of skill, performance and money.

So as you can see Ronaldo’s success is no fluke he has worked very, very hard to be where he is today.

He has turned himself into something so valuable that people are ready to pay ridiculously high amounts for his services and he delivers.

And in other, for him to deliver he applies himself at his job.

I would like to also point out that in order to maintain this level of success he has to keep doing what he is doing ( if he chooses to take the gas off the pedal he will drop form).

So what are the key takeaways for you? How do you replicate what Ronaldo is doing?

Image by Günther Simmermacher from Pixabay

How to win like Ronaldo? Copy him

Try to apply all of the above to anything you want: a job, a business or a goal.

Find out what you are good at and have a passion for.

Develop a routine for whatever it is you chasing after and stick to it come rain or shine.

Put in extra hours to be the best at it.

Be ready to sacrifice and forgo a lot of things for your dream to come true.

Another thing I want you to note is Ronaldo age. He not yet thirty-five but he has been working hard for almost twenty years. He has made excellent use of his youth.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, he is already made for life. Use your youth well your time is now.

Ronaldo also came from humble beginnings his mother used to work as a cleaner to care of him and his siblings.

So don’t only enjoy watching him or Messi play football and be arguing which of them is better or even betting recklessly on them.

Rather apply those sure things that he does that has taking him to where he is today.

As always I would like to hear your thoughts. Comment and let me know what you think. Can you replicate what he does?


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