Six reasons why as a Nigerian Youth you should go out and vote

Six reasons why as a Nigerian Youth you should go out and vote

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  As a Nigerian youth you should be taking interest in what is going on around in the country.

And you should be more than aware that the hottest trending Nigerian news is the 2019 elections.

While this is not a political blog, (the blog’s focus is to help you achieve success and happiness using your best available resource that is you), it is worth mentioning that one major external factor that can aid you attain your dream goals faster is an enabling environment.

 And once in four years you get an opportunity to get the environment you want by casting your vote.

This post is geared solely to convince you to go out and vote if for some reason you’re not interested, or you are undecided or even wondering why you should bother at all.

 If you have already made up your mind that yes you are going out to vote this will serve as an encouragement blog post and you can go ahead and share the post with your fellow peers who are still sitting on the fence.

Now, before I list the reasons I would like to state that I am not promoting any particular candidate to you.

It is not my place to do so. That decision is solely yours. All I would say is look for the candidate(s) that you believe will meet your demands for a good environment for you to succeed and go out and vote for such person(s).

Now let’s move on to the reasons why you should be voting:

The Largest number of eligible voters:

The youths have it! Yes, you Nigerian youths make up 51.11 percent of eligible voters.

This means if you go out and you convince yours peers to do the same you can swing this election in your favour. It is that simple.

 I have posted links to this information which also includes a breakdown by states of eligible voters at the end of the blog.

It’s time to ditch the nothing will change even if I go out to vote mentality:

And why you ask? Because you cannot say that for sure. Not anymore.

Nothing in life is cast in stone. And for some time now change has been a constant during elections periods.

 Let me quickly run through some very defining recent history for you.

Do you recall the last American elections? Almost everyone, media and people around the world in general was sure that Hillary Clinton was going to take over from Barrack Obama.

But what we witnessed was the swearing in of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States. Totally unexpected  but it happened.

Barrack Obama’s journey to the White House too was unexpected. American has had its first black president, interestingly enough even before its first female white president.

 I would also like to add here that the youths played a significant role in winning him the White house.

Let’s talk about Brexit too a classic example of what happens when you either do not care or you are negligent about this civic duty.

Brexit is the pending withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. On the 23 of June 2016, a vote(a referendum) was cast in the UK. The people where to decide if they wanted to remain part of the European Union.

Again, almost everyone was sure that the UK will vote to stay. That didn’t happen. Those who wanted leave won the vote.

Why I am mentioning this to you is because the voters where essentially divided along age lines. The older voters wanted to leave the European Union while the younger voters wanted to stay. The younger voters lost out simply because they didn’t come out to vote.

 In fact quite a few them didn’t fully understand what Brexit was and its implications.

 What I want you to understand from all this is if you want something you have to go out and get it otherwise somebody else will have it.

 There has been several attempts by the youth population to reverse this decision but no luck.

 Now, if you are like yeah right… that’s America and the UK.

Things like that can only happen over there let’s come home: We only have to look to the last election cycle to find an example.

 It was the first time in the history of Nigeria that an incumbent candidate would lose out to an aspirant.

So, you may want to seriously reconsider a decision not to get involved if you have decided not to especially with the added advantage of been the demography with the highest number of eligible voters.

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You are the one who needs stuff the most at the moment:

If we are to ask a baby, a typical Nigerian youth such as yourself, an adult and an elder to write down a list of what they would like for their lives.

 I believe that of Nigerian youths will be twice if not three times as long as anyone else’s. And it should be.

You are the one currently entering the job force if you’re not already in it. You are the one with the energy to pursue new ideas, businesses and otherwise.

You are the one looking to leave your parents home and venture out to starting a home of your own.

 You are switching that is if you have not already switched to been receivers (of pocket money) to been providers and who will now be the ones giving out pocket money to your parents.

And obviously you will want something better for your children when they come.

You can’t complain about anything really if you don’t go out to vote:

Before I started this blog I conducted a survey to find out what were the main pain points among Nigeria youths.

And you can guess what the number one complaint was: The economy/money/ enabling environment to strive.

Now this is your chance to do something if you feel something needs to be done.

 I have already made up my mind that after these elections the first question I will ask any complaining youth I come across will be: Did you vote in the elections?


It’s the responsible thing to do:

You are now an adult even if you don’t personally care you are matured enough to think of the collective good of you country.

Voting the right candidate(s) will serve every one. Think about does going hungry every day or begging on the streets.

Help create a better Nigeria for them if not for you.

Coming out in huge numbers will make rigging very difficult:

You may be worried that your vote will get stolen.

 But if you come out with your peers in numbers it will be hard for tampering, ballot snatching and other electoral malpractices to take place.

 Just by been there in mass will discourage most attempts at tampering.

So, in summary I firmly believe that the country now belongs to you and it will be whatever you decide you want it to be.

 Most great nations where built on the strong capable backs of a young person such as yourself.  If you will only step out beautiful things can happen in Nigeria.

To sign out let me leave you with some inspiring images of what your future can be if you choose to go out and make things happen.

The images below is that of Dubai


What a difference right? Note the dates. Now go out and vote. And encourage your peers to do same.

Also find below some interesting links you should read:


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