Quick guide to keeping your New Year Resolution in 2020

Quick guide to keeping your New Year Resolution in 2020

This will definitely help my friend,let me share it!

Do you fail to keep your new year resolutions year in year out? 

Have you declared out loud that 2020 is going to be your year, your year of success, your year of making things happen?

Well, I have to be honest with you: talk is cheap.

And I guarantee you that if all you do is declare out loud.

 This new year 2020 is going to go the way of all the other New year resolutions.

Which means that you will end up achieving nothing.

I know this because I have been doing it that way for years and nothing ever came of it.

Last here was the first year I actually tried something different and there were results.

 Not super results but decent results. I could look back and point at accomplishments. So I am repeating it this year.

And I want to believe you want the same for yourself. Otherwise, you will not be here reading this.😁

So how are you going to make sure that 2020 is actually your year?

Here below is a short straight to the point guide to see you through:

Write your new year resolutions down

Write them down

Study shows that people are more likely to follow through if they write down their resolutions. 

Don’t make your resolution list too long.

In fact, if you can limit it to one better but I will advise at most three so you can keep track of them

Create a plan of action or execution.

For example, I will study Physics every day at 8 p.m. in my room from Monday to Friday.

Find a way to track your progress

For example, get a calendar and put it up each day you succeed mark it with a large red cross and keep going that way.

Celebrate milestones

Celebrate milestones

You decide whatever milestones you want.

For example every two weeks or four weeks, you can reward yourself for sticking to your resolution. Doing this will encourage you to stick.

Get up as soon as you fall

Yes at times you may not meet up. That only means you are human and the struggle is real. 

But the quickest way not to give up is to rise immediately and continue. Don’t waste time on regret.

There will be days of no motivation 

For the times and days where you will not feel like meeting up tell yourself that you will work on your resolution for just five minutes.

For example, if you are supposed to study for one hour tell yourself that even if you cannot do one hour you can do five minutes.

Don’t give up

There will be times when you will feel like giving up altogether. 

There will be times when you feel afraid, confused, frustrated and ask yourself if you’re just wasting time.

The only way to beat all of the above is to have turned your resolution into a habit.

 This is done by working daily on your resolutions from the very beginning.

Aim for 30  to 60 days of consistency. That is usually how long it takes to form a habit.

 So come all emotional attacks you will still find yourself pressing on.

Do all this and 2020 will be your year.

Happy New Year in advance


Start your planning immediately to target the Monday of the new year.  

Now I need to do all that I have listed here.  

Because being human just like you it’s the only way 2020 will be my year also.  See you in the new year I am off to plan.😊

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