Naija Youth: Achieve the 2019 of your dreams.

Naija Youth: Achieve the 2019 of your dreams.

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How would you like to make things happen in 2019? I mean really make things happen? The New Year, with its famous resolutions is here again.

Unfortunately, if you are honest with yourself you would admit that it is quite hard to keep New Year resolutions in fact; statics show that only 8% of people who make New Year resolution actually keep it. Only 8. So 92 % of us end up falling by the wayside, not good news.  In fact, it is downright discouraging. But it doesn’t have to be so.

  I want this year to be different for you. I want to pretty much up your chances of setting goals for yourself that you will actually go on to achieve. 

 Already you have them in your mind even if you are yet to put it down. 

Follow these simple tips and they will help you not fail to meet up this 2019

Step One (Write them down)

If you are used to setting goals or making resolutions this is familiar territory if you are not, please it is very important to write them down. Writing them down makes you really think about what you want to achieve.

It separates your goals from everything else that is going on in your head and around you. Call it taking it out of fantasy land and bring it into the real world. So, it is very important infact I will go as far as to say if you’re not going to bother writing them down then you don’t have to read any further. You can stop right here.

After all, how is someone who cannot be bothered to write down what he or she wants out of life is actually going to go about achieving them?

Step two (Pick one goal to start with)

This is the best way to start if you have not been able to see previous goals to the end. Back in school when you were thought how to write you started with one letter: ‘A’ you are made to write it over and over again until you got it before moving on to the next letter.

 Now as an adult you mix letters to string sentences without even thinking too much about it. Do the same here. Start with one.

 Once you have successfully achieved it, you may consider going after multiple goals at the same time and there is a technique for that though, that is a post for another day.

Goal setting in 2019
Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

Step Three (Set the time for when you want to see this goal achieved and then start small)

This is where the problem with meeting our goals usually starts. Most of us do not set a proper time for when we want to see these goals met.  For example, we set vague goals like: “I want to lose weight in 2019.” Or we set impossible deadlines: “I want to lose 100 kilos in two weeks.”

Opened goals like the first one could mean your start date to lose weight could be 31st of December 2019. Or the second one could see you do one week of intense exercising and or dieting only to burn out quickly and be unable to continue and in time regain what was lost and more. So what to do?

Break your major goal into smaller goals. This makes it easier to do and accomplish. For example you could say something like : I want to drop 2 kilos every month. Two kilos sounds far more doable than a rushed 100 kilos in two weeks or a month.

Step four (Plan how you are going to achieve it)

Another part of goal setting that often gets overlooked is creating a plan that will actually make you achieve that goal. Let say for example, you want to improve your maths grades. Just saying or writing it down will not be enough.

So your plan may look like this: I will stay behind after school or in the library to practice mathematics every day by five o’clock.

This is tight. You know where, when you are doing this.

 Now, for some even one hour every day maybe heavy/scary to start with. So, instead you can start with 15 minutes or 20 minutes daily.

Instantly you can see that spending 15 minutes every day working on mathematics is not so scary. You can try this for a week then increase the time by 10 minutes. A week later another 10 minutes until you reach your target of one hour a day. Do this consistently for a month and it will become a part of you.

Step five (Develop a strategy to avoid failure.)

I recently discovered that this is an essential part of achieving goals. Let me use our beloved tech phone as an example.  If you’re a full scale social media junkie you will know just how powerful your phone can be in keeping you from getting things or anything at all done.

We want to read what our friends are up to. We want to stay up to date. We also want to share our stories and other people’s stories too. But the point blank truth is that if you are on your phone around the clock you will not be getting anything done.

So if your phone keeps you from getting things done you need to find a solution to that problem. I, for example, realize that I subconsciously reach for my phone at intervals when doing something important. So what I do is separate myself from it. I can leave it in another room while I work elsewhere.

If I have a phone call I go and answer in the other room and leave the phone there when I am done. I will only retrieve the phone once I am done working. This may not work for you but you get the idea.

Step six (Set back may happen but its ok)

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. They will be moments when you will fail… We are humans after all.

During such moments you get up dust yourself and press on. One step back and five steps forward overall means you have moved closer to your goal.

Aiming for 80% and ending up at 65 % is good when you’re coming from a previous 45 or 50%.

 So with all I have said how do you start?

Find a quiet space for yourself and write your list. Pick a simple or the simplest goal to start with, something with a quick turnaround. (I recommend something you can complete in thirty days) and start on it today.

 Plan how you can achieve it and set up preventive measures to keep yourself from failing.

Be happy with your result. Then pick something else and go at it again.

   So let’s summarize:

Step One: Write it down

Step Two: Start with one and only one

Step Three: Break your one goal into smaller achievable goals

Step Four: Create a plan to achieve your goal

Step five: Create preventive measures to keep yourself from failing

Step six: Remember that set back may happen and it is fine. Just get up and press on.

I would like to hear from you.  Let me know what you think and what goals you have set for yourself and if you are having any problems I will see what I can do to help. Happy New Year.

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