Marketing Done Right: Selling the Right Thing to The Right Customer

Marketing Done Right: Selling the Right Thing to The Right Customer

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Imagine you were brought into a large hall, and in that hall, there are two groups of people: one group is made up of pregnant women and the other group is made up of men in cricket wear.

Now, you are then shown two piles one pile made up of baby clothes, baby food and diapers and the other pile made up of cricket gear such as bats, gloves, balls etc.

Your task now is to assign the appropriate items to the right group. This is easy, right? Obviously the pile of baby items should go to the pregnant women and the cricket equipment to the cricketers and with this simple example, you have demonstrated the power and importance of knowing your audience.

In the online world as well, it is very important for you to have a good understanding of your audience this will enable you not only to be able to create the right content that will attract your potential customer but also make sure you offer the right product or service.

So the next set of questions here will be how can you discover your right audience? And how do you communicate with them effectively so that they go away happy with a solution to their problem and you come away happier with money in your pocket?

Before I tackle the answers to this very important set of questions. I will be doing a bit of a refresher from some aspects of my last article the beginner’s guide to making money online of which this article is a follow-up and I will also be adding to your skillset as a marketer.

So I will be talking about:

  • Learn- Do – Teach (Again)
  • The mindset of a marketer
  • The art of becoming a good marketer by mastering how to have a great one on one conversations.
  •  How to be able to communicate effectively with your potential customer.
  • The need to be authentic in front of your audience
  • Who a better marketer really is
  • Finally how to find and define your audience by creating a customer avatar

Learn Do Teach 

Again? Why is this coming up again you may ask?

 The truth is that the learn- do- teach technique remains the best way for you to understand how to do digital marketing for your online business. And this is why I’m talking about it again.

When you first learn anything your brain just takes in the information without necessarily fully understanding it.

When you move on to do what you were taught and see practical results your brain does a better job of organising the information in a logical manner so that you have a better understanding of what you were first thought.

And when you go on to teach not only do you gain even greater understanding but you become better at what you were taught meaning you start becoming an expert at it.

So don’t be tempted to stop only at learning but follow the full triangle learn-do-teach and you will go on to become an expert in digital marketing and you will make money from your online business.

The right mindset of a marketer

As you strive to become a better marketer, mistakes will happen. These mistakes should not frighten you off your goal.

In fact, do not be afraid to make mistakes.

Mistakes are future benefits the value of which is yet to be realized.

 Do not worry also about being perfect. What you should concern yourself about the most is getting things done.

Getting things done is more important than being perfect. Perfection will come with time and practice.

Think about the learning curve it takes to learn to play something like a musical instrument. At first, whatever piece of music you try to play will be riddled with mistakes. 

But with continuous practice and time, one can master the instrument and start playing music without making mistakes.

The art of becoming a good marketer by mastering how to have great conversations.

Marketing is about good conversations

If you want to be better at marketing you have to become better at having good conversations.

If you cannot converse well with one person then you will struggle to converse with many.

The mistake often made by marketers is the belief that any discussion been carried out is taking place with a lot of people or customers and this brings on a lot of anxiety and with it the struggle to effectively communicate.

But in reality, all conversations should just be taking place with one person.

So all you have to do to improve your marketing is to improve your one on one conversation skills.

The strategy you need to create great content is for you to write for just one person.

Now, one of the best ways to write well for one person is to write in an e-mail format. Imagine you are writing an email to your friend about any subject at all. 

It could be about marketing for example. Since this is your friend, you are writing tone will be relaxed and friendly. So all you need to do is to write in such a manner for your audience.

The need to be authentic in front of your audience

Another key to better communication is to be authentic. The truth is that people are tired of fake people with social personas. And everyone is attracted to someone who is real. You have probably come across a fake person before.

This may be somebody you know particularly well in real life but who portrays himself or herself as something else entirely on social media.

It is usually quite easy to tell if somebody is faking and most people will rather not have anything to do with such a person. So one of the best ways to become a better marketer is to be authentic. Just be you. 

Tell the world you’re imperfect. if you have an opinion on something share it honestly. If you’re not happy about something just say it without fear of what others might think about you.

Show your uniqueness and yes there will be people who will not like you. But you should not try to change to please them that will not work out in the long run.

Some people will not like the authentic you. But some will and they will go on to become your fans and your followers.

And by doing all of the above you will build yourself a decent following and a personal brand. So go ahead and just be authentic and you will get enough people who will like you just as you are.

Who  a better marketer really is 

The better marketer is one with a lot of life experiences. This makes sense because the more experiences you have the more opportunities for conversations. So, gain new experiences by travelling often, learning new languages and doing new things all the time. Never be afraid to try new things.

Having a lot of life experience makes you an interesting person and obviously by being an interesting person you have a lot of interesting things to say.

if you take a look at the people you choose to spend a good percentage of your life with or people you follow online it is because they have interesting things to say and they are interesting people.

You enjoy them and learn from their experiences. You may even have some experiences in common with them which makes for better conversations.

And that is how to build connections and followership for your brand.

Now, if you are a lady reading this article you may struggle with the idea of putting yourself out there. Being authentic will require you to put yourself out there. Being a lady myself I understand this fully and I have struggled with this very issue as well.

But as my teacher said we need to be brave and push past this fear.

Of course, they will be trollers or stalkers online who will say nasty or inappropriate things to you. But the key here is not to take it personally. And take courage from the few women who have gone on to build solid brands for themselves.

And you are at an advantage here because most women are scared of putting themselves online and this means there is very little competition against you.

So you can go ahead and start a blog or business without using your name.

And even if you go ahead and create videos the worst that will most likely happen is some people leave negative comments. So long as you don’t give up private details such as your address or phone number you will be fine.

At the end of the day, this is all about having a bit of sense of self-worth and self-confidence.

And you should continue to work and create content for those who like what you do and ignore the haters.

I personally as a woman I have committed to building my brand and I add here that it will be nice if you try and do the same. We women have a voice and we should be heard.

Basically, if you feel you are awesome you will find people who will think your awesome as well. 

And if you are a guy who is reading this the same applies to you as well.  My teacher specifically spoke to us ladies on this issue because he knows that putting yourself out there is easier for a man to do than for a woman. 

So now that you know how to improve your marketing and communication skills. You need to find out who that one person you will be communicating to is.

If you don’t know who that one person is it will be very difficult for you to create the right communication for them.

Have this in mind: If everybody is your audience then, in reality, you have no audience.

Now, your audience will always be made up of a large number of different people. 

But whoever you are talking to should make up the biggest percentage of your audience. So your job is to identify that one person. Once you do so you will have discovered your target audience. And there is a step by step way of finding this out.

Defining your target audience

Generally, your target audience is defined through demographics and psychographics. 


According to Cambridge dictionary is the number and characteristics of people who live in a particular area or form a particular group.

Some examples of demographic information can include age, gender, marital status, education etc 


This is simply detailed characteristics of human behaviour: like their interests or hobbies

So basically you end up with certain parameters or metrics about your ideal customer.

Once you have that person. You should write for that single person. In a one, to one conversation manner as described earlier.

Now, one very important thing you must do once you have identified that ideal customer is to join the conversation the customer is already having in their head.

You may be wondering how you would find out what this conversation is.  But this key piece of information will be revealed to you once you accurately profiled your ideal customer by asking questions that tell you exactly what is going on in their head.

The answers you get from the questions you ask will tell you what conversations/questions your ideal customer has in mind. 

And you should answer by providing your ideas or solutions to does questions. In this way you are joining the conversation the customer is already having in their head.

And this is why email or messaging is better for one to one communication than social media.

The customer gets the sense that they are getting your undivided attention unlike when you post on social media.

Discover your ideal customer: Creating a customer avatar

So how do you discover your ideal customer?

You take a survey from what you believe is your target audience. In this survey, you will ask some questions and the answers you get will reveal to you who your ideal customer is.

To make it seem real for you you must then take the information you get from that survey and create a customer Avatar or what is sometimes called a buyer persona.

Whenever you want to write you should recall your customer avatar and write with him or her in mind.

All this is better illustrated with an example:

So I did a survey to find out about the ideal customer for my blog for Nigeria Youths.

In that survey, I ask them the following questions:

  • Their gender
  • Their age
  • Level of education
  • What  they were currently doing to earn money
  • What their biggest problem in life was
  • What’s their biggest weakness was that was keeping them from being successful
  • How much they  spend on data every day
  • How much to spend on buying one meal
  • Whether they were doing anything to improve their lives.

And with all the above-listed information I came up with my customer avatar.

Who is now the character that represents my target audience

Meet Bola, a graduate aged between 25 to 34 years. He is single  And he earns above the minimum wage. But he is clearly dissatisfied with it.

He wants to make more money by finding better opportunities but he does not know how to go about it. His major goal in life is to find that job or business that will make him successful. Basically, he seeks direction in this regard and he is willing to pay for it if necessary.

My Customer Avatar: Bola

Now, I did throw in some interesting questions like how much they spent on data and feeding. This was to enable me to find out how much I could ask Bola to pay for any possible product or service I will offer in the future.

And there you have it. Now, whenever I write I will write with Bola in mind as my ideal customer.

 Surveys can be carried out online or offline and you should always carry out the survey in your niche. 

For example, if your website caters to pregnant women. You should try to survey pregnant women or women who have been pregnant before.

if you remember the example I gave at the beginning of this article. Conducting the survey in the right niche will enable you to offer the right product or service to the right audience.

So, in conclusion, your main takeaways are

  • Learn do and teach
  • Do not be afraid to make mistakes
  • Become a better marketer by learning how to have better one-on-one conversations
  • You should write and provide product or service for only one ideal customer
  • Know your audience by taking a survey and creating a customer Avatar who will represent your ideal customer.

This article is a write up from my second class with my teacher DigitalDeepak under whom I am learning how to make money online through digital marketing.

I will appreciate your feedback. Please ask any questions you may have in the comments section below.

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