How to Win At The Latest Jobs In Nigeria

How to Win At The Latest Jobs In Nigeria

This will definitely help my friend,let me share it!

Did you know that out of the 30 million job seekers in the market between 70 to 80 %, are unemployable?

Meaning despite having a degree or other form of higher certification many youths chasing after the latest jobs in Nigeria will still not be considered fit for that job for a variety of reasons.

Why this is obviously very unfortunate news it present a powerful opportunity for you. I meaning if you play your cards right you can belong to that 20 % that employers will be looking for.

Below I will be going through a few things I believe will significantly boost your chances and pretty much separate you from the 80% no one wants.

However, before starting I will ask you to refer back to this post: Nigerian jobs how to beat the other 30 million applicants as what you are going to read is a follow up of some sort to it.

I will also post some articles about the unemployability problems we are facing here in Nigeria do read them to be more knowledgeable about what is happening around you and how it affects you.

Remember: information is power. Information is opportunity. Now let’s continue:

The Latest Job In Nigeria
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Are you employable?

This is the time to take a blunt look at yourself and ask this hard question. If you were an employer would you hire you? This is a no sentiment question and you need to be honest with yourself after all 70 to 80% unemployability implies that majority of you youths are not employable and you may fall into that category.

After asking yourself, ask others around you if they would hire you. Ask friends, ask people who already have jobs or run businesses. If they wouldn’t ask them why and take their criticism with the intention to learn and better yourself.

Now, employers seek two basic set of skills in an employee. Hard skills which are the skills required for the job and then the soft skills which are basically people skills that enable you get along and work with others in the job environment. I will do a post on soft and hard skills in the future.

For now, just know that it is a strong combination of both the hard and soft skills that makes you the ideal candidate for any job.

So when you are asking others to evaluate you, you ask them to do so on those parameters.

Now that you have an idea of how employable your are the next step is to fix the problem areas.

If for example you are too shy work on being more confident. Have temper issues? Learn how to control it. As for the skills for the job it’s a given  that you should have them.

Such skill will include something like a degree in a particular field for example. You wouldn’t even be considered for the job if you don’t have it.

Learn how to speak and writing properly in English

I can’t believe I have to say this. But it’s the truth most young people like you can’t communicate properly in spoken and written English. It’s a must for any professional job. If this is you,you need to work on it.

This you can do by taking classes online or going to a school. The British Council website is a great place to reaseach on the the matter.

Read a lot and watch a lot of programs where English is well spoken such as the news and documentaries.

The latest jobs in Nigeria will require you to be Computer Literate

No matter the professional job you are going after  be it science,art, education or IT having basic computer skills is now a must.

On the off chance that it is not required, still add it  to your list of must have skills. It will prove to be useful in your career at some point. There is no escaping it.

Get a laptop or find someone who has a computer and doesn’t mind allowing you to use it. If you can pay for classes you can do that too. You can also learn basic computer skills for free on many sites on the internet.

Latest Jobs In Nigeria
Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Be Internet Savvy

Basic knowledge about the internet is also a must now. You should know how to browse and have some knowledge about how to use social media.

Have a great CV/Cover letter

Your CV is usually the first time your potential employer will get to know about you. First impression matters a lot.

If it’s a rushed poorly done write up filled with mistakes, poor formatting and no attention to detail they would  put it in the dustbin after all who is to say you will not handle the job the way you did your CV?

A lot of young people such as yourself put zero effort in drawing up their CV they just go to nearest cyber cafe and type something up.

Please this should not be you. Go online and you will find tons of free resources to help you create a great CV or if you can afford it you can go to sites like Jobberman who for a fee will help draw up one for you. I repeat first impression matters.

So please put in a 110% effort in creating a stellar CV.

Give The Employer what he wants

How do you know what the employer wants? Look at the job vacancy. The words there are not for show. They really mean it when they say the want a candidate with a particular set of skills.

Unfortunately most young people only see the job and the potential salary they can earn. Every other thing is lost on them. You can see this when someone with a degree in for example Library science applies for an electrical engineering job.

Again don’t let this be you. Such applications usually end up in the trash can. Now, I am not saying that your CV should be an exact match but it should be as close as possible to the requirement. Very close matches will likely be considered.

Go through vacancies and see if you can acquire the skills they want and add them to your CV. Do they require AutoCAD? Then go and get it. Do they require problem solving skills, negotiating skills? Go and learn these things.

Do your best to fit their requirements. Don’t just submit your CV and hope. If you have what the want  they will call you.

Prepare Very Well for Exams/ interviews

My first ever interview was a  complete disaster. When I came before my interviewers I was petrified. I was visibly shaking and they saw it!

They had to ask me to calmed down. Of course I didn’t get that job. The truth is I spent the few days leading up the interview freaking out! It never once occurred to me to prepare for it. I didn’t know you can actually prepare for one.

Preparing for something instantly calms you down even it you have no idea what you will be asked.

These days thanks to the internet you can prepare quite extensively for any interview.

Look up standard interview questions and how they are answered. Then practice alone and in front of a panel of people it could be your friends, parents, anyone.

It will boost your confidence and you be going in with at least an advantage over  non prepared candidates.

Your dress code should be at a 110% Period.

If you find this reason to brief. Read this article written by Forbes  on dressing well.

And that’s it. As usual I will like to hear from you what do you think of the article?

If you have other points that you feel should be included. Post them in the comments section so others can learn.


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