How To Start A Blog In Nigeria in 2020 (Guide)

How To Start A Blog In Nigeria in 2020 (Guide)

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How to start a blog In Nigeria

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Before we get down to actually discussing how to start a blog in Nigeria I have to start by telling you one home truth:

Namely blogging is a journey; it is not a sprint but a marathon.

I have decided to open this article with this truth because so many people, especially young people such as you jump into blogging thinking they can make money off it in a flash.

 That, in less than 6 months they will be smiling home to the bank, and then once they get in and find out that that is not how blogging works they get discouraged and stop altogether.

Blogging is pretty much like any other business out there it will take time for you to see a return on your investment.

In fact, studies show that it usually takes a minimum of two years (if you know what you are doing) before you can truly start monetizing your blog.

 Meaning at the very least that you have enough people visiting the blog so that you can make money off them.

Now they are people who can do that within a year but they are not in the majority.

So if you’re in a hurry to make money blogging is not what you are going to use to make that money quickly. Ok? So this is where you get off if you’re impatient but if you’re hardworking and don’t give up easily read on.21

So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way we can get started.


From the dictionary: A blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

A blog is written in reverse chronological order. Meaning what you have at the top is the latest article or blog post.

 Note that I underlined written in an informal or conversational style now this is very important because that is the bedrock of blog writing. Blog articles are written in an informal conversation way or manner. You write as if you are having a one on one conversation with a  friend.

That is why pretty much anyone can start a blog because it is not about blowing big grammar it’s about passing on information in a way that anyone and everyone regardless of qualification will be able to understand.

How does blogging work?

The main function of the blog is to develop trust and build a relationship between you and your audience/customer

Most people who blog full time do it to make money but you can also blog for relaxation purposes meaning you just enjoy writing and sharing your writing with the world.

But for now, let’s talk about blogging for money-making purposes:

 As a human being, you are usually more comfortable buying from someone you know or have a relationship with.

That is why for example if you were to find something you like in your friend’s house you would ask him or her where did you get it? What is the name of the shop? 

And if you want to go ahead and buy it, you will probably look for that same model and probably buy from that same shop as well since it has been recommended by your friend.

What do you do when you can’t ask a friend? You go online or anywhere to look for or testimonial. So you are trying to find a way to establish trust between yourself and the people selling what you want.

So, usually, you may try to build that trust through a friend or family. If you can’t find a friend the next best thing is to find perfect strangers who have had some experience with the product.

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So anytime you’re looking for testimonials or reviews what you’re actually doing is looking for a reason to trust the people who are selling to you.

So what businesses do is they use blogs to build relationships of trust between them and their potential customers.

So that by the time the customer is ready to buy they will buy from them and not go elsewhere. Let me illustrate this with some examples.

Example One

 Let’s say you are the owner of a mother and child shop, you can start a blog about pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

 A pregnant woman may come across an article or articles about things to buy for herself or for the baby or even how to take care of yourself as a pregnant mother. Very useful information. So she begins to come regularly to the blog to read.

By the time she’s ready to buy things for herself or for her baby, she is likely to buy what she needs from your shop first before going elsewhere. Trust has been built.

So the starting point for you who wants to build a money-making blog is to establish trust and build a good relationship between you(or your business) and your customer/audience. 

So have that in mind once you start building your blog. 

 Let me give you another example 

Supposing you are a football fan and you’re very good at analysis and giving insights. 

So you now set up a blog. Whenever there are football matches you blog about it. You give your own opinion, you analyze and football fans come across your blog, and then it’s like: “this guy or lady speaks with a lot of sense” and then they start following you. 

Supposing you own a sports store and you sell items like sports gear and wear.  Say for example you sell different branded wear for different clubs. Once your follower is ready to buy he/she will not go elsewhere to buy he or she will buy from you because he/she has established some form of relationship with you.

So basically what a blog does is to capture the interest of your potential customer or client very early( before they are ready to buy). So that by the time they are ready to buy. They will come straight to you.

Woman think about how to start a blog

What to blog about

If you already own a business the last section should have given you some ideas about what you should blog about.

However, if you just want to establish a personal blog you need to consider choosing a topic to blog about. 

Now  whatever topic you choose to blog about has to meet the following three conditions

  • You must be passionate about it
  • You must be knowledgeable  or willing and able to gain that knowledge
  • You must be able to monetize it

So please take as much time as you need to figure out these three things before you get started because they can either make or break your effort to be a successful blogger.

Let’s talk about these three things in a little more detail


Now, this should be clear: it is best if it is something that you are passionate about or even if not passionate, something you really like or at least have a keen interest in.

 This is because as I said before blogging is a journey. And unless you are doing something you like it will be easy for you to quit when you are confronted with challenges, setbacks, or even boredom. 

You must be Knowledgeable

Next, you must be knowledgeable or willing and able to gain that knowledge

So this may be something you already know a lot about say for example you have been married for like 10 years and you have a good marriage going there is nothing wrong with you blogging about your experience that is teaching people who are just coming up behind you if of course, this is something you are passionate about.

Or you are an accounting graduate or a lawyer. There are many aspects of what you studied that people need information on.

Once they get a lot of benefits from free information you give them for example how to do basic accounting for your business or how to get the required documents to start a  business or how to protect your land etc 

Once they are actually in need of certain services related to what you are blogging about, guess who they will patronize? You!

Now you can also blog about a topic that you are not so knowledgeable about but you have a keen interest. This is a bit tricky so allow me to explain further. Such blogs take the shape of a journey of learning. 

So you can decide for example that you want to learn how to make handcrafts. So you can blog about your experience, display the handcrafts you have started making.

Talk about what you are learning, the mistakes you have made, etc.

These types of blogs do well because people relate to journeys easily. And usually, in time you do become an expert.

And generally, people enjoy learning from others who are just a few steps ahead of them in a  journey. Because they easily draw inspiration from them and believe they can do the same because the distance between them is not so much.

Another example to help you with this is thinking about someone on a weightloss journey. If you begin to follow that person’s blog and the person posts videos about their struggles and their transformation you will find them relatable:” If he or she can do it so can I.”

Just note that you have to be willing to learn and work hard and acquire that knowledge quickly before you can turn around and help those coming up behind you.

You must be able to monetize it

So basically you have to be sure that money can be made in that topic or niche.

To illustrate this we can use a relationship blog as an example. How would you go about monetizing a relationship blog? You could sell books, you could conduct webinars on how to have a better relationship, Offer consultation services. You can sell wedding rings, gowns, honeymoon packages, etc

As an accountant for example you can offer accounting services or /sell accounting tools and software.

So basically you have to investigate and find out if the niche has enough products and services that people will be willing to pay for.

So your key takeaway here is that you really need to sit down and think carefully before you select a niche or topic to start in.

How to monetize your blog

The various ways blogs can be monetized

Once you have built an audience around your blog you can then start to monetize or make money from it. Below are two main ways you can do this:

You can sell directly to your followers or audience or you can sell their attention (this what bloggers like Linda Ikeji do) People advertise their products/services on her site because they can reach a large number of people. 

So let’s take a closer look at how blogs can be monetized. You can:

  • Offer your own service and or sell your own  products 
  • Affiliate Marketing: sell other people’s products
  • Adsense(here you give google permission to place advertisements that might interest your visitors on your blog. If any of the visitors click on the ads you get paid a commission)
  • Sell  online courses
  • Sell e-books
  • Offer consultation services
  • Private sponsorship(Here you can have an exclusive deal with a company to promote their product or services)
  • Have a membership blog

The above listed are some of the main ways. You can do one or more as you like. Note that new means of blog monetization keep coming up so I will not say I have covered everything here. But once you get started you can do further research.

Now before we go through the set up proper let’s quickly discuss free blogging platforms

About Free Blogging Platforms

There are free blogging platforms such as Blogger,, And you don’t have to pay to use them.

However, you don’t own the platform and what that means is that you are subject to their rules.

They may be restrictions on how you make money and they can kick you off the platform without notice if they feel you have broken any rules.

That is why if you want to set up a blog as a business you should buy your own hosting and it will be your property to do as you wish.

So are free blogging platforms completely useless? The answer is no. They do have their uses. They can be used for:

  • Leisure  writing
  • Practice blogging until you have the means to get a self-hosted blog
  • You want people to just read what you write.
  • Visibility: Medium for example is a massive platform and a lot of people use it to gain exposure for their personal brands, business by posting articles on it.
  • Make money (according to rules and regulations of the platform owners)

So here just be aware of what you really want to achieve and understand the consequences of your choices that is it.


How to create a blog in Nigeria

Now that we have gotten the fundamentals out of the way we can focus on how to set up a blog.  Basically you need two main things to set up a blog.

A domain name and Hosting

Domain name/your site address

domain name

In simple words, this is what people type into the search bar to get to your site eg:, naijaloaded,, etc



Again in simple words, this is just a computer(server) somewhere where your website will live or be stored. So basically when people type your domain name in the search bar e.g

 The search engine visits that computer and gets your site and displays it for everyone to see. This is just a basic explanation to help you understand.

Now you have to buy your domain name and hosting.

Where to buy?

You have two options:

Foreign or Nigerian

Foreign will include buying from hosting companies like Bluehost, Godaddy, A2 hosting, Namecheap,, etc

Foreign hosting offers better stable services however you may find them expensive

If you are on a tight budget you can rather do Nigerian hosting some examples: Abolly, DomainKing, Qservers, etc

I will also add here that these days you can acquire both your domain name and hosting from the same place. Or you can acquire your domain name in one place and go on to buy hosting in another.

So now I am going to run you through the setup process using images and a Nigerian web hosting and domain provider: Qservers

The process of buying and setting up will vary slightly depending on where you buy. But in the long run, the processes are pretty much the same. If you are struggling, get in touch with their customer support or look for tutorial videos online for that particular hosting company.

So generally you should first start the setup process by picking a domain name also known as the name of your blog.

Now your domain name should have the following characteristic:

-Try to keep it short

It should be easy to remember

-Try to keep it easy to spell

-Don’t use numbers or special characters

-If you are unable to keep it short make sure the name is easy to remember for example or

Spend some serious time on this. A good name helps your blog. If you check and the name is already taken come up with another one

Ok, let’s get started by picking a domain name.

Once you have a  domain  name in hand you can then take a look at hosting

And select a plan that suits you

 However, try and pay for a year so that you can blog uninterrupted or at least six months (consistency is very important in blogging)

So pick a plan and when you are asked to provide the domain name you have chosen just provide it. Also, note you have the option of monthly billing though I don’t recommend it.

Next, check out by filling out all the required details including giving them an email address and a password(which you must remember) where they will mail you your receipt and how to gain access.

Note if you find yourself stuck simply give them a call through their contact numbers or send them a chat. They will attend to you.

Once you have settled with them. They will create a client account for you through which you can gain access to set up your blog.

Now you can through the mail to the login area or go directly to the site through the web and sign in with your email and password.

Log into C-panel

Scroll down to the software section and click softaculous apps installer 

Then next simply click install WordPress

And you are in!

And that’s it for set up.

Now let’s publish a blog post in this demo blog

On your dashboard click post then add new

Then you will find yourself in the area where you post your articles. It might look a bit intimidating initially but don’t be intimidated! 

All you have to do is to keep coming in and posting on a regular basis and in time you will become very comfortable with it.

Below are some of the basic functions you can start with.

Next, simply use the content block to add any content that you wish. See a simple example below

Don’t forget to save your progress if you are not done and wish to come back later.

For that just hit the “save draft” button.

Next, we will add images

For images within the blog article itself see the screenshot above. Simply upload from your computer or your WordPress media library, or using an image URL.

 You most likely will start by uploading from your laptop or device since your blog is brand new.

For the main or feature image(this is usually the first image you will see in a blog post. Make sure you are on “document” then click feature image

For an image within a blog as I said before just pass through the content block

Once you are completely done with your write up. You can then publish it.

Let’s have look now:


And we are done!

Now there is a lot more to setting up a blog properly. For example, you would want to create an about page or contact page. 

You may want to put your articles into categories: all premiership posts in one section, all La Liga posts in another for example.

 You will need to install plugins. What are plugins? They make your WordPress blog do some extra things you may need. 

For example, you may want people to be able to share your article once they have read it.

Or add some security. 

 So since a properly set up blog is key to starting out well as a blogger I have 13 videos course where I walk you through how to set up from start to finish below is a sample video from the course.


Find below what is covered in the course:

How to set a WordPress Blog  

Why you need a Gmail Account            

Gmail account set up              

Buying Domain and hosting 

Foreign Hosting

Installing WordPress version

How to access the back end of your WordPress blog

WordPress terms and functions

Install SSL security  certificate             

Selecting and installing a theme       

General Settings for your WordPress blog

Creating your first blog post

How to add pages, menus, categories, and use widgets

Get the course by clicking the button below

So if you are an action taker just pick up the course and just get started. Blogging will start only when you actually take action.

There are few other key  things you need to know about to build a blog

Learn about:

Content writing (How to write good content)


Keyword Research

In conclusion

There you have it the basics you need on how to be a blogger in Nigeria. So just a few more tips for you:

 Be patient with yourself, mistakes will happen occasionally you might even feel like giving up.

But the more you do  the better you will become. Do research, join blogging groups, ask questions and slowly but surely you will begin to grow and see results. 

All the best!

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