How to raise money for your university school fees

How to raise money for your university school fees

This will definitely help my friend,let me share it!

The task of paying your school fees may naturally fall on your parents, an uncle and aunt or a guardian who is taking care of you but what if for whatever reason they can’t or are unable to?

Sadly, I’ve come across a lot of students pleas especially online begging people for help to support their education.  Many have had to forfeit the admission they have gotten. Some have had to drop out of school.

If you’re in such a situation you must find a way to solve this problem on your own.

And while this may seem unfair when life gives you lemon simply go ahead and make lemonade. That should be your mindset. At times you just have to handle a problem on your own.

I was fortunate never to have had that problem throughout my university days however when I look back I wish I had thought to try my hands on a means to raise money for myself.

It’s good practice for when you get out into the world and you become truly independent and on your own. 

So even if you are blessed to have someone sponsor you through school a little extra cash can certainly not hurt you. 

Also, it will be great to write something like: ‘I ran a business or businesses at school’ in your CV wouldn’t it?

 So whether you really need this or not I think you should give making money for yourself in school a go.

The suggestions here are valid for anyone who is trying to get in and also for does who are already in school trying to graduate.

So let’s go:

Do extremely well in your exams

Yes, this is a valid way of ensuring that you get support for your education. Because individuals, businesses and groups are usually willing to sponsor and offer scholarships to people who do very well in school.

So double, triple, quadruple your effort when you are writing the necessary exams that will get you into school.

 And even while in school you can still get scholarships if you maintain very high grades.

Start your scholarship search here: world scholarship forum

Raising money for school fees
Get a job

Get a job

Start job hunting as soon as you drop your pen after your exams. If you are already in school make judicious use of your holidays and possibly weekends in this regard. 

Speak to people, friends, family and relatives and see if you can save up for your school fees in that way.

if you are getting a job factor in the fact that you have to go to school at some point and try and work an arrangement that makes it easier for you to attend school and work at that job.

Now let’s look at alternatives to jobs because as we know jobs are hard to find and even harder to get if you’re not qualified in certain things and they do not provide the same flexibility that a business would. 

Start a business 

Let’s start with yourself what can you as a person offer that people may want to buy from you?

Can you teach?

Now when we speak of teaching don’t limit yourself to things like Mathematics, English and chemistry. 

Think of anything you can teach. For example Igbo or Yoruba.

Then again when you think of teaching don’t only think of school subjects. You can teach anybody almost anything.

For example dancing or swimming or chess. Do you know how to make garri or process palm oil etc

So the idea here is for you to think outside the box.

Evaluate yourself and see if you have anything, a natural talent that people will be interested in learning from you.

Then if you are not willing or able to teach you can sell your talent directly in exchange for money.

For example, if you can make beads, shoes or bake etc

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 A business you can generate from your own assets.

Do you own anything that you can use to make money? Again I’ll encourage you to think outside the box. The most obvious assets for many is a laptop and a phone. 

But with a little bit of thinking and looking around you at what you have, you may discover that you have other things.

  Here are some examples to get you thinking:

Space /land: Perhaps you have quite a bit of space in your compound. Can that be used for something? Please do seek your parent’s permission abeg.

Or if you have got the space from a landlord as a student make sure that whatever you want to do in the compound does not damage the space in any way.

Do you own a vehicle? a bicycle,  a bike a tricycle or a car. What opportunity can those open up for you?

Raising money for school fees

Learn a skill

If you don’t think you have anything on you right now that you can exchange for money. You can go about finding ways to learn something that you can eventually use to earn.

You can become an apprentice for 6 months and then use the remaining six to months earn before the start of school.

Or if you think need the more time take the time you need to learn and start earning the seat for the exams so that by the time resumption comes round you would have saved up quite a bit.

 Now, one of the easiest ways to get people to teach you is to offer to work under them for free. 

I know that might hurt for a while but what you will gain in the long run will be well worth it.

Teach Yourself

Another option is to teach yourself. This works especially well in the online world. There are lots of free sources on a lot of topics or subjects.

In this case, Google and Youtube are your friends.

So in conclusion

Your options are:

Get super grades and win a scholarship

Get a job

Start a business with your own natural skills

Start a business with whatever assets you have (that also includes money)

Learn a new skill that you can start earning money from

And so that’s it and yes I deliberately kept everything broad without giving details here because first and foremost I want you to do some serious thinking outside the box.

That being said I have also created a cheat sheet of all the possible jobs and businesses ideas a young person like yourself can try out. and please don’t limit yourself to the list get creative. 

Sit down and work at coming up with some ideas of your own before taking a look at the cheat sheet ok?

Ok, as usual, I would appreciate hearing from you is there any particular way of raising money that I have left out?

Raising money for school fees ideasFree cheat-sheet!

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