How Planning Can Help You Win In 2020

How Planning Can Help You Win In 2020

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Planning 2020

Can the secret to your success in 2020 really lie in writing stuff down on a sheet of paper?

Well, the third richest man in the world (as at the time of my writing this post) has this to say about planning:

An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan

Warren buffet

When I first came across the quote which was just yesterday incidentally. I had to double-check to be sure that the quote was actually from Warren Buffett. Why? Because it sounded so harsh.

  I mean I don’t consider myself a genius but  I am definitely smart enough to put a pen to paper and come up with a simple plan of how to achieve the things I want.   

Truth be told I have been going through life for years without one and frankly I had just been punishing myself all that time. A lot of my failures had to do in part to a lack of planning.

Thankfully, I no longer belong to that other camp and neither should you planning will help you get to where you need to go or at the very least will help you get started and take you far.

So why is planning so important and what will it do for you?

What is planning?

The definition of planning itself has in it the most important thing that it can achieve for you: 

Wikipedia gives this very simplistic yet powerful definition: planning is a process of thinking about the activities required to achieve a desired goal.

It is the first and foremost activity to achieving desired results.


In summary the steps you need to take to get to your goal.

You’ve probably made New year resolutions or set some goals or targets for yourself for this year.

In other to keep them from being just unfulfilled wishes in your head you need to pull them out of your mind into the real world. 

This you do by writing them down and creating a plan for them.

The very act of putting them now stimulates your mind to start finding solutions to how to achieve them.

A plan helps give you clarity of purpose

The very next thing a plan will do for you is help give you the clarity to achieving your goals.

A plan keeps you from being vague about what you want to achieve.

An example of vagueness is statements like: I want to lose weight in 2020. I want to improve my CGPA by the end of the semester.

A plan will require you to state for example what type of business and how you are going to start it.

In the case of studies, your plan may be to put in an extra two hours of additional work every day or even asking for help, or studying ahead during the holidays which may mean cutting down on clubbing or other social activities.

Planning saves time

Planning saves you a lot of time. Studies show that ten minutes of planning can save you over two hours. That’s a lot.  And it works trust me I’ve been there several times and you probably have too in one way or another.

Let me give you a classical example that always happened to me until I started taking planning more seriously. Going to the market with the list in my head. 

I usually end up leaving at least one essential ingredient that will see me having to go back or having to send somebody back putting the cooking on hold.

Another very painful example was when I lost my skipping rope for the… time. I don’t remember how many times to be honest. Since last year I have made efforts to keep to a fitness routine.

This routine typically involved my skipping every evening. After skipping I will drop the skipping rope anywhere. And of course, this resulted in me having to look for it almost every day.

A lot of the time it didn’t take me much to find it maybe five minutes at the most. But it was the day I looked for it for well over one hour that I learnt my lesson.

Plan:  keep skipping rope here so anytime you need it you can go and take it from there.  Totally unnecessary waste of time and energy.

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Planning helps you to stay focus

A simple scenario will help best illustrate this: let’s say there is a young man named Ade and he’s decided this year that he want to learn graphic designing. 

Two months into learning how to be a graphic designer he bumps into Paul who is learning everything about forex trading.

Ade drops graphic design and decides to learn forex trading later on a few weeks later he bumps into Simon who tells him that people in cryptocurrency at the ones making it now. You see where I’m going with this.

Without a plan, it is so easy to hop around like a frog at everything.

If you’re feeling bad about this right now you don’t have to be. I have done it too several times. A plan helps to keep you from getting easily sidetracked.

Planning helps you to be more productive

A plan ensures that you spend time doing only those things that you need to get where you want to be.  The important things, not the things that make you look like you are working. 😉

A planless life leaves you open to too many temptations and distractions.  like browsing the internet or spending all your time on social media.


Planning Tools

There are all kinds of tools you can use to plan the simplest being an exercise book and a biro. Don’t use a sheet of detached paper because that can easily get lost unless you plan to put up your plan on a wall.

You can also choose to move up by using a planner, a diary, a calendar or you can install an app on your phone or computer. 

The essential thing here is that you take the time to create that plan with whichever means you choose to use.

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Tips for planning

I personally try to keep thing as simple as possible. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or complicated. Write out what you want to do and how you intend to do it in the manner you best understand.

Add a target to it. This will help ginger you all the more and push you to exert yourself. For example: ” I want to be a certified graphic designer by the end of the first quarter of 2020″ will push you to get on it as quickly as possible.

So after talking so much about planning, I am sure are you wondering if by simply planning you can really get all the things you desire in 2020. 

Well, probably not everything I am sharing my own experience here but it will get you at least some of the things you want and getting just one thing is usually what you need to encourage you to go after the rest.

Since I  started applying plans I have seen a big difference one major one is being more committed.


Plan. Create a plan first before you rush into the new year. Your more likely to achieve what you want and it will increase your chances of success by a hundredfold.

If you thinking about slacking off and not doing it. Here is another reminder:

An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan

Warren Buffet

I would like to hear from you now share your plans for this year or if you’ve been planning all this while how as it worked out for you?

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