Alternatives To Nigerian Jobs Vacancies (No Degree Options)

Alternatives To Nigerian Jobs Vacancies (No Degree Options)

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What if there existed Aternatives to Nigerian jobs that don’t require a degree or even WAEC? And even if you needed to learn, the learning process may take just a year, or a few months or weeks?

How about the cost of learning? Well, that too is usually not an issue as you can find options that fit your budget and in fact, if you look well there are some you will not be required to pay for at all.

Am I joking? No. Such jobs do exist and I am going to talk about three of such opportunities below :

If you read my last post about how to beat the other 30 million job seekers in Nigeria you may have noticed that it’s more favourable to does having a minimum of a degree or some form of higher education certification.

Now, even with that in your possession the sheer number of applicants may be enough to still keep you from landing that dream job that pays well.

Also, you may not even have any certification. You may be among the many who have struggled to get into university without success. Or you may be on your fifth attempt at WAEC and JAMB. Or you may have dropped out of school for whatever reason.

Or you may never have had the means to finish secondary school. Does that mean that you can’t get a decent job and leave a good life?  Yes, you can. And many are doing it.

One of the biggest mistake you can make in life especially as a young Nigerian youth is assuming there is just one path to success.

There are many ways to get to where you need to go and if one path seems shut or is slowing you down considerably take another road altogether. And you can still return to the previous one at a later date It’s allowed!

It’s time to think hard, expand your horizons and look at other options.

One of your most valuable resources is your age another one is time and you have to be very careful not to waste it.

So what are these other jobs?

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

Vocational Jobs

They can be found everywhere and are in far more greater numbers than jobs tied to blue-chip companies.

In fact, we see people engage in them daily. But to some, they are not viewed as proper jobs or are seen as menial or petty. But one thing remains a fact we all cannot do without them!

By this time you should already know the kinds of jobs I am talking about. Think hair stylist, catering, tailoring, vulcanizer etc

The examples above are ones you can easily relate to but they are others that are closer in nature and form to white collar jobs such as electrical technicians, power technicians, tractor/forklift Servicing, plumbing and pipe fitting etc

Now, if you’re tempted to consider the first group as low in class nothing could be further from the truth.

Sometime back the daughter of one the richest man in Africa got married. How much do you think her traditional wedding dress cost or hair or makeup?

Every job in existence as the capacity to enrich you if go about it the right way. This usually entails mastering the craft and then adding business and sales knowledge to it. Or simply marketing yourself so you get hired for your services. If you are here on this page reading this I am sure you up to the task.

The second group is usually a bit more technical or complex in nature and would usually require you to go to a school. And here is the great part you don’t have to have a certification from a university or polytechnic or college of education. In most cases, you will only be required to pay to learn the course and that’s about it.

So the next thing now is how to get the necessary skills for these jobs? The most common way is through an internship.

That is going work to for someone who is already doing well in it and learn them. So if you anyone who is willing to take you under their wings and train you in a particular field you are interested in then go ahead and ask them.

Another way of gaining the skill you need is through a vocational school or trade school or using it’s more popular Nigerian name skill acquisition.

A vocational school essentially develops skills for people to enter directly into the workforce in a specific field or to enable them eventually set up themselves in that line.

And I repeat again the beautiful thing about a vocational job is that it is open to anyone of almost any qualification, and it cost can vary from free, to cheap to moderately expensive to very expensive.

So it can accommodate your pocket. You can start almost right way in some cases. And you may not be required to write even and any entrance exam. Some though may require you have at least O’levels. But some have no restrictions whatsoever.

So do give this go at least while hunting for a regular job or trying to get into an institution of higher learning.

Many have and are wondering why they didn’t try this sooner.

Many are doing so well that they have postponed or drop the idea of going on to a university or chasing after that white collar job. (And yes it’s ok not to want to go to a university like I said there are other paths to success this been one of them.)

Many have gone through the four walls of university gotten a degree or masters and have kept it in their cupboards to start a vocational job. They own bakeries, fashion houses and movie production outfits. They own furniture making shops and garages.

As you read this I hope you realizing just how many opportunities you have to make it. You are ahead of many simply because you can read, write and have access to the internet.

So you can master a skilled job and do whatever you want with it be it start a business or get a job with it.

 Teach yourself a job.

Yes, this is also possible. Learn something by yourself that people are willing to pay for. And one of the best places to teach yourself anything is the internet.

The world is now a global village. Now will be a good time to set aside some of the data you use to watch videos or listen to music to learn something that can get earn you some money.

The most popular things to learn online are freelancing in writing, designing and coding.

But there are so much more things that can be learned with some research. Try googling your areas of interest or hobbies and see what comes up and take it from there.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Last but not least create a new job by solving peoples problems.

This how some billionaires are made. We can think of Mark Zuckerberg in his university dormitory or Steve Jobs in his home garage.

But if those look a little too large, unrealistic or out of reach for you in terms of being possible. Let me give you an example more down to earth.

Once upon a time, there were some tourists who came to visit a very popular town.

Now, they wanted to visit all the important landmarks, go shopping, sightseeing as well as watch a very important theatre play that was showing in the town. The play was so famous that people queued for hours just to buy tickets to watch the show.  

Now they badly wanted to watch the play but that probably meant giving up on all does other things they wanted to do to cue and buy tickets.

After all, of course, no one can be in two places at once…or can’t they?

Enter a job innovator/ creator: a guy walks up to them an offers to stand in line for them so they can do other things for a fee.

The tourists were happy they agreed on an amount with this smart guy. He stood in line on their behalf while they went off to do all the others they wanted to do.

When it was almost time for the play they return and swapped position with the guy who had been standing in line their behalf and went in to watch the play while guy went away to repeat the process a little richer.  

They all lived happily ever after.

The end.

Nice fairy tale right? Only it’s not a fairytale but a true story.  In fact, the smart guy as turned ‘standing in line’ into a full-fledged business. You can watch his story right here.

So now’s your chance. If you really think about it there really no reason why you shouldn’t be doing something right now. Go out and find something to do that will make you successful and happy.

I would like to hear from you what you think about this article and if I have missed out any job opportunity that exists outside the regular ones add them in the comments sectionfor others see.

To your success

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