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This will definitely help my friend,let me share it!

  Welcome to For Nigerian Youths!

Hi,  I am Amaka Ugbomah writer, blogger, wife and mother with a lot of interest in how young Nigerians are doing. Why the interest in you? Well, there are a lot of things I wish I knew back when I was much younger.

Things that would have served me well and saved me a lot wahala, trial and error as I  journeyed into adulthood.

For example, it has taken me over twenty years to realise how much I love writing and telling stories through it.

Now I went through the Nigerian education system like most of you are or have. And the path was basic. Work hard in school end up in either art or science or commercial, face WAEC face JAMB.

 If you’re good you get the course you applied for if your not so good any course will do and after graduation, you get a job and for most young Nigerians that is any job. 

 I read sciences because back then other fields where considered not for smart people. Now don’t  get me wrong I love my science background and I am very proud of it.

 But because I walked a path that everyone was walking or expected to walk  I didn’t notice I was gifted in another area of my life

. I was an average scientist but I am a far better writer. I am happiest when I am coming up with stories to tell or write.

Looking back now the tell tail signs where there but I didn’t see them perhaps because I was young? I could retell stories I had heard in a manner that would keep my friends captivated.

 I scored quite well in most creative essays that were given to me. But one of the biggest signs remains a novel manuscript which I had written fresh out of secondary school. A project I quickly dropped when I struggled to make the required number of credits from WAEC.

That’s one story for another day. But  I woke up later than I would have preferred to this gift.

  And this is just one of so many others things I wished I had known back then that I know now.

  As I look at you coming up behind me I know it is important to share with you. So that you don’t lose time, get lost, confused, or plunge into despair when things are not just working for your life as you think they should. 

 I have been meaning to do this for a while, I mean to start this blog for you. I personally derive a lot of joy seeing young people such as yourself happy, smiling and above all thriving making things happen and achieving goals and dreams.

 This is not always an easy task to do because they are so many factors and distractions out there. This space will be a place where you can hopefully get a little help as you come of age.

 If you are wrestling with certain issues, or need a word or two of encouragement, or are seeking direction I hope to be able to provide that for you.

 Now been only human I definitely do not have answers to everything. But I hope to at the very least point you in the right direction that will see you eventually find the answers that you seek.

 I am also concerned that some if not most of you are lost, scared, worried about what the future holds for you

. I am worried that you may have given up on life already because things have been so hard.

 I worry that you might not even be thinking about your future.  I am a mother hen. I can’t help it and frankly, I don’t want to. I want to see you grow, prosper and above all be happy.

Another reason why I am doing this is that I think there is a gap in the kind of support that you should be getting.

  When a lot of people think about the youth usually what comes to mind: music, fashion, gossip, sex, sports (football really).

 I believe there is more to you than what I have listed. These things especially if they are not your career may provide you with some form of happiness for a while but what happens when they are not there? 

 Or when you have to stop and face the most important issue a.k.a  your own life.

When you stop playing that music or discussing that latest star dress or hairdo and you’re alone with yourself are you ok? Are you happy? Are you content? Are you moving forward?

 I will add though there are some who are trying to help out with this kudos to them. I wish there more. Hopeful there will be.

So what can you expect to get here? 

 Helpful facts and inspiration. That will cover all aspects of what it takes to be happy and doing well in life.

I will also blog a lot about education. Already it clear to all that things are not as they should education-wise.

 Well, I am here to tell that you can get properly educated with the right mindset in place.

 Yes, education sometimes does cost money. And If you do have the means then you should invest heavily in yourself. But I can also tell you that even if you don’t seem to have the mean still can get educated. 

Work! Work! Work! That is another very problematic issue you that affects you I know I am no job portal. But  I can at least help you with general tips a bit of advice that will greatly increase your chances of working that is if you’re really serious about it. 

Same goes for business. Personally I am a firm believer that we should all have some kind of side business even if you have an incredibly good job.

 Finally, I cannot separate this blog from God. A lot of what I will share with you will come from him mainly as I pray for you and think about how to help you move.

So that it. Actually that is not it. This is just the beginning. I hope I have gotten you excited enough to join me on this journey in pursuit of your happiness.

 Note I am not that far ahead of you in chasing some of the things I want in life.  But I believe it is important to share now what I know so that thing will be better and easier for you as you come of age. 

  I am sure I will learn much from you as well. Learning as always been a two-way process. God bless you!  See you inside.


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