19 ways Nigerian Youths can use social Media Engagement for Success

19 ways Nigerian Youths can use social Media Engagement for Success

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Students, graduates, and young Nigerians adults do gather here.

Have ever considered using your social media time, social media platforms and tools to up your school performance?

 It could make the difference between a B grade or an A or even help you come out of third class into a second class.

 Do you also know you can use them to start creating a personal social presence that will enable you to possibly land a job straight after school? 

And also give your skills and abilities the visibility it needs so that potential employers of your services are ready and willing to pay you your worth and not peanuts?

Do I have your attention now? I sincerely hope I do because now we’re talking about your future and growth opportunities for you.

While the occasional selfie, trending hot gossip, and endless debates on social sites might be fun and entertaining, chances are they will not be able to put food on the table for you or help you build that successful life that you desire.

 Which in the grand scheme of things should be the most important thing to you.

So let’s now have a look at how you can use your social sites along with some social media tools to improve on your studies, increase your chances of landing that dream job, project or business and take you to the next level of success.

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How you can use social media in your studies

Create online groups for class and course information

This I believe should be old news to you. However, I have decided to err on the side of caution and still add this here.

 General course and class information can be put up in such groups: tests dates and assignments and projects etc

Create online study groups

Platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram are particularly useful for this. 

You do not only have to use them to circulate general class information. You can post questions and answers. 

Students who have a better understanding of a particular topic can give Facebook live sessions for example to explain such topics. 

Any student who wasn’t around or available during the live session can gain access to it once online.

I will also like to emphasize here that you are not limited to a Nigerian online group you can join other foreign groups or forums. 

This could be for example a group of other students in the same field of study as yourself.

Remember, the world is now a global village thanks to the internet make sure you use that to your advantage.

So reach out to similar groups of students around the world who may be doing exactly what you’re doing now and who may have solutions to your problems or challenges.

Record live classes 

Record live classes in video or audio formats and put them up in the group for those who were unavailable or even for you to be able to go back and make references.  Note you may need to get permission from your lecturer for this.

I believe the best way to do this would be to have your class rep and his/her deputy meet the lecturer in the office and discuss.

Yes, I am aware of the possibility of some lecturers saying a flat out no to this but some might say yes and unless you ask you will never know what is possible. 

And if one or two lecturers agree to it and the benefits can be seen by all, others will most likely follow suit.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Copy what’s on the board using your camera

And note taken as just gotten easier!😁  I wish such an option had been available during my time at the university.

 However, this may be quite disruptive if everyone is doing it, I will suggest that you assign one or two people in the class to take the pictures and then have it shared on your group and as I said before you may need to seek permission from your lecturer first.

Watch videos tutorials on your subject matter or courses

If a particular topic is giving you headache seek out solutions elsewhere there are lots of helpful video tutorials, and books on various topics online. You may be able to get a better explanation in those places.

Build a useful resource online library for the entire class to access

If you found a particular tutorial that was helpful to you put it in the resource library so that every other person in your class can gain access. 

This doesn’t just have to be videos it could be excerpts from books, audio recordings, pictures, that is depending on the nature of the course etc

Write and keep all your assignments and projects in the cloud

This is very important, the worst thing that can happen to you is after labouring for hours or even days and finishing a project or an assignment only to find out that you didn’t save it or the laptop or flash drive that you had it in crashed.

Keeping your work in the cloud solves that problem.

Stay updated in your field of study

If you take a critical look at the internet what really drives it is information the first person to get information or to even know what’s going around in the environment usually has a competitive advantage over others.

 So why you may follow some gossip trends also track what is going on in your chosen field of study or work.

That knowledge may be what will land you that job or give you an idea for that all-important final project that could impress you, supervisor.

So how do you do this? Simply sign up to newsletters in your field and follow them on your various social networking sites.

Now, the above list is not exhaustive however the idea here is to get your mind thinking about how best you can maximize your social media engagement time and social media websites to help you out in school.

Before I get into how you can use social media to job hunt or build a brand/ business I would like you to take a look at some of the social media tools below and how they can help you with your schoolwork.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Ask Google

You must have heard it everywhere by now: ” Google is your friend” As side from asking it about the latest phones, music, dance steps, wigs or premier league scores ask it to help you out with school work, job opportunities and business.

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Video tools

YouTube, Vimeo and Slideshare: source for tutorials and how-to videos for your assignments and projects and answers to questions.

Storage and sharing tools

For the writing of assignments organising and sharing of notes check out the following: Google Drive, Dropbox, Feedly, box, Evernote, Diingo, myhomework and Iknow

Group Study Tools

These are the more popular once: Facebook groups/ Facebook live, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp and Telegram.

Ask Questions on Anything

To ask questions try forums like Nairaland or Quora. In both forums, I have seen very useful answers to almost any question you can think of.

Data and Survey collection tools

Data collection and analysis is now so much easier. Using any of those listed below as a stand-alone or in combination will save you a lot of time and stress.

Survey Monkey, Typeform, Google Forms and Excel Sheets.

Presentation Tools

Wow, your lecturer or project supervisor with unique presentation styles and techniques by using the following tools PowerPoint, Adobe Sparks and  Explain everything.

 For building an online Resource Library

You can try Google Drive, Evernote, Instagram, Pinterest, which can be especially useful for people in visual courses.

Communicate, share useful information on your social media platforms and stay up to date.

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and any other social site.

Now let’s move on to the next section of this topic which is using your social media presence to help with job searches, personal social Pr that is visibility.

Image by Shahid Abdullah from Pixabay

Building a personal social media brand

Getting that job, that business usually demands that you be able to sell yourself or sell your ability or skill. In the past employers were restricted to just your CV.

 But with the arrival of social media platforms, you can take this to the next level and beat other possible candidates by being proactive and smart let’s take a look at two ways this can be done.

Build a presence online

Start building a CV or a portfolio online that showcases your abilities before you leave school or if you have already left school start gathering all the old materials or things you’ve done and put them up.

Promote them on all your social media handles your Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn and Instagram etc

Let me give you a simple example of how this can work. Let’s say you are studying journalism as an aspiring journalist I will advise that you start a blog on any topic of your choice.

When you go job hunting include your blog link on your cv or if you are at a job interview you can tell that you have a blog which they can immediately access on their phone or computer.

Nothing convinces a prospective employer faster than your ability to demonstrate that you can do the job.

This can be applied in almost any field that you can think of. 

Even in the field of science, you can shoot videos of your projects have somebody hold the camera and film you why you’re designing or building.

Create a YouTube channel and put it all up.

Just recently, a young group of teenagers in Kaduna showed just how doing this can catapult you from anonymity into the spotlight. If they can do it so can you. I strongly encourage you to watch their video.

 So in whatever way you can demonstrate your skill showcase it. (You may need to do some thinking out of the box to achieve this) but hey that’s exactly what most employers want: to employ people who think out of the box.

Follow social media influencers and companies in-the-field of your choice

In the past, gaining access to say the MD of a bank or a big company would have been impossible but these days almost all of these people and big businesses are on social media.

Seek them out online follow them and follow businesses.

  Become a respectable valuable contributing member of their social community. And after some time I would say a minimum of a year you may be in a position to ask them for their help.

 The number one way of getting a job is by networking.

Now I need to sound a note of warning here please do not spam them do not be there and constitute a nuisance most likely they will block you if you do. 

All I’m trying to say here is to use your presence in their community circle to demonstrate your capacity and your abilities so when you asked for help they will give it to you without hesitation.

If you, however, choose to paint yourself in a bad light you will just destroy your own image and brand and most likely get kicked out.

And that’s it, I hope you found this article very useful. I would like to hear from you tell me what you think.

Do you know any other ways social media and social media tools can be used in studies and in creating job or business opportunities?

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