17 Ways You Can Try To Land Those Hot Nigerian Jobs

17 Ways You Can Try To Land Those Hot Nigerian Jobs

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Yes, it’s true there’s are about 30 million young people just like you walking the streets trying to land a job in this country.

A very sobering thought right? I am not quoting this figure to scare you. But in other to win at this and at anything you really have to know what you are up against and develop a plan.

I have spoken extensively about setting yourself up for success by planning your life by setting goals.

 If you do not make a habit of formulating a plan you will struggle almost all the time to achieve your dreams.

So same thing here. Before you go out chasing after those Nigerian jobs you will need to pause and create a plan of action.

When you take out time to think and plan you become more strategic and organized and you can see and come up with more ideas or ways to go about solving a challenge, in this case, finding a job.

Knowing where to go and how to search will dramatically increase your success rate rather than moving around aimlessly with no clear direction.

What I am giving you below is a helpful guide.

Hopefully, it will help open your mind and give you some direction about where and how to start.

I strongly believe that if you go through it and are able to do most if not all the suggestions you should have a decent job before the year runs out.

Ready? Let’s do this. Oh yes, one last important note your chances of getting that job eventually is largely dependent on you been qualified. Have that at the back of your mind.

Nigerian Jobs
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Never give up

Having the never give up mindset is super important because the jobs are few and the potentially qualified candidates are many.

Did you know that most job applicants get rejected a minimum of 15 times before getting a job?  Now, what does this piece of news imply?

Well, for one you’re unlikely to land a job if you circulate your c.v less than 15 times. So you need to ramp up distribution.

So how many is enough? I don’t know. But I don’t think you should even have a number. You just need to keep sharing your cv. The more you submit or present it the higher your chances.

And secondly, job hunting is not for the weak-minded. Meaning not for those who easily get discouraged.

Many stay unemployed because they give up and throw in the towel after trying for a while. Don’t let this be you.

Understanding that this may take a very long time will put you ahead because you will still be in it while others have fallen by the wayside.

Talk to friends and family  

They should be your first point of call when looking for a Job. Speak to all of them: Daddy, Mummy, uncles and aunties etc about the fact that you are in the market for a job. In fact, make a list to make sure you leave no one out.

They are the most likely people to help you out and landing jobs through them is usually quite possible because they will be talking to people with whom they have good relationships with. This dramatically increases the chance of a positive outcome for you.

Online Networking

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? If not go and create one. LinkedIn is social media for businesses. A lot of businesses look for potential candidates there.

If you do a good job of selling yourself by putting up a great profile you may get contacted by a few of them.

Having one instantly marks you as more serious job hunter. And with a LinkedIn profile, you are not limited to Nigerian options only.

Job Portals like Hot Nigerian jobs and Jobberman

The above two are some of the major job search portals in the country but there are many others. Go through them daily.

International Job Portals like Opportunity for Africans and Opportunity Desk

Why limit yourself to Nigeria only? Enough said here.

Newspaper and Journal Publication

In the past, people in my generation would collect money to purchase the Tuesday and Thursday Guardian to look for jobs. Most newspapers now have an online presence this should make it easier for you.

New Unknown Jobs

Are you aware that new jobs are been created every day? For example, have you heard of a Seo Expert, or of Ethical Hacking?

Fifty years ago there was no such thing as a Digital Marketer or a Blogger (what I am doing now) but here we are today. No one will be going after jobs they have never heard of before.

So if you do proper research you can find out about new jobs that are just coming into existence.

Take a course or two on them and there you go you can apply and your chances of getting the job are super good! Because few people even know that the job exists.

Internship (Paid or unpaid)

You may find it easier to get an internship rather than a full-time job. In a lot of places, unfortunately (especially Nigeria) having a bit of experience on your cv is the only thing that can usually get you a job.

How that is supposed to work for fresh graduates I do not know. But you can get that experience on your cv by doing an internship. Unfortunately again not all in fact quite possibly most internships are unpaid.

But you will need to look past that to get that necessary experience that will give a chance at a proper job. Besides, some jobs are worth far more than the money that your being paid to do them remember that.

Nigerian Jobs

Career Fairs

Every year a company or group of companies and the state organise career fairs. A specially created avenue for job recruiters to meet up with job applicants like you.

Take note of the ones you are interested in and go prepared to wow them into taking you on board.

Door to door job Hunting

This is something that I will definitely encourage you to try. It works relatively well, especially with smaller companies.

Simply because the decision-maker may be easier to gain access to. So walk in and take a chance.

You may get lucky and see the person in charge or if not you may at least get the opportunity to drop off your cv.

Go prepared for anything for you may even be required to attend an interview on the spot.

Speculative emails

Is similar to door to door hunting only it’s done via mail. Make a list of all the companies you would like to work for and then try to find out the emails of those whose job it is to recruit and mail them.

If you lucky they may even have phone numbers attached to them in which case you can call and inform them of your interest in working for their company.

Still, another variation of this (a friend shared this tip with me) is placing your cv in a large brown envelope and writing on it: To the HR Manager

Envelopes like this usually hit the HR Manager’s desk directly. Just make sure you have an impressive cv in it!

Start a Job Club

If you have never heard of this you’re not alone. I myself stumbled on it while doing research for this write-up.

Basically, you and other fellow job applicants can band together and form a club whose singular objective is to hit the streets looking for jobs.

However, the club can engage in other job search-related activities such as going through each other resumes, practising interviews, sharing job leads and experiences so you can learn from one another other and boost each other’s morale.

I don’t know if such clubs exist in Nigeria if not you may want to consider starting one. I have linked off here to an article on it for you to read if you’re interested.

Recruitment Agencies

These are companies whose job it is to recruit on behalf of other companies. Usually, they have a database of potential candidates which they use to match applicants to jobs. Do your research on them and give them your cv I believe some may require you to pay a fee for their services.

Dedicated career sections on websites

Some companies are open to hiring directly from their websites. Visit the websites of your company or companies of interest and see if they are open for hiring directly from their webspace.

Yes you can apply for the same job more than once

I’m aware of a person who applied to an oil company more than 3 times before she got accepted. So if you missed out last year it doesn’t mean you can’t try out this year again.

Come up with unique unconventional way of applying

You’ve seen this before: the young or young lady carrying a board with the words hire me written on it.

As a creative for example, by simply sending in a sample of your work you can impress a potential recruiter to consider you. It could be a demo tape, showreel, painting anything that can demonstrate your abilities.

You limited only by whatever your mind can come up with.

Only be mindful of the job environment you are doing this in otherwise it may backfire on you.

Use Your Social Media Platforms

Hopefully, you are using your Social media Engagement for personal success, right? Don’t only use it for fun! Someone in your network or your friends’ network may be able to help out.

Be sure to also follow influencers and businesses in the job field of your choice and be active in their communities. So when you ask for help they will be willing to assist you.

Referral to the Employer

I deliberately left it for last to ensure you read through and to reward you for doing so.

I saved what I consider the best for last. Get a referral into the employer. This is the number one way with a near 100 per cent certainty of getting a job.

This method almost always guarantees success because recruiters like and always prefer a known quantity.

If you are recommended by one of their own or someone who used to work with them most of the time, you are guaranteed at least an interview and the job if you’re qualified.

So how do you get a referral? Ask around in your network. Chances are there is someone you know who has a connection to that place and such a person may be willing to write a referral to that company on your behalf.

So this is it. More than enough information to help you achieve the goal of getting your dream job.

I would only add one more thing again and that is being qualified. It will be sad to get all the way to an interview only to lose out because you don’t have the required skill.

Over to you, I would like to hear from you, What do you think of the list and have you any to add?

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