13 Self -Improvement Habits Every Nigerian Youth Should Have

13 Self -Improvement Habits Every Nigerian Youth Should Have

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Where do you see yourself in ten years? Have you actually thought about it? And I mean really thought about it? Or you just have a ready-made answer for the interviewer in case you are asked during a job interview?

Preparation for a successful life of full independence ahead of you is actually a preparation for a lifestyle. A  lifestyle is a collection of habits that will either make or break your future.

  Are there habits as a young Nigerian that you can start developing today, that will help you in the future as you transition from being a youth into an adult? Yes, there are. 

But before I go into what some of them are I want to explain quickly why you should start developing some of these things now and the quick and short reason is that we age in our habits. We age in our lifestyle.

What this essentially means is that the older you get the harder it will be for you to change. Take it from me, I am older. Say you drink too much this is the time to start working to change not later. You’ve been warned.

Ok, so let’s go! Here are some habits that I believe you should start imbibing in yourself now that you are young.

self improvement
Learn to be patient

Learn How to be Patient

Be patient. Most young don’t get what they want because they can wait. They can’t wait for their hustle to grow. If nothing is forthcoming they move on to something else. If that isn’t working they move on again and so on.

Things take time. Life takes time. You can only become a master at anything if you work at it daily for months, and for years. Be. Patient.

Be Resilient

This is very essential, especially in our country. Be that person that does not give up easily at the first sign of trouble, problems or difficulties.

At times even the supposedly simple things can be difficult to get done in Nigeria. But your ability to withstand frustration and clear obstacles in front of you is a must if you are going to get anywhere.

So the next time you are tempted to run or give up or change your mind when faced with an issue (because there is little or no immediate consequence) don’t give in at least not without giving it your best shot.

  Most times you will breakthrough at other times when you don’t you will be satisfied with the fact that you’ve given it your all.

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Create time to be alone for some time every day

The world is getting noisier every day. Nigeria is getting noisier every day. 

Is it Netflix? Is it social media? Is it Nollywood movies, music or politics they are distractions everywhere and if you’re not careful you will find out that you’re just moving with the crowd and not living your own life.

You will be watching other people leave their lives while your own is at a standstill.

So every day find time to isolate yourself from the world. Go off your phone, go off your TV and think about your life and what you want for yourself and what you want for others around you.

I usually do this every morning after prayers or in the evening when I work out.

Create a Plan/Routine for Yourself Daily

This is one of the best things you can do for yourself have a routine, have a plan. The most accomplished people on planet earth have a routine and have a plan.

 The minute they are up you know what they’re going to do at 8:00 a.m they know what they are going to do at 9:00 a.m they know what they’re going to do at 10:00 a.m and so on.

Knowing what you’re supposed to be doing every single hour of every single day and yes that includes time to play(before you think I am boring) will help you go a long way in life.

So plan as the last thing at night or first thing in the morning. It will help ensure you do something productive every day. It will ensure that you are working on your dream every day.

Have a plan/daily routine

Follow Useful People on Social Media and in the World (Have a Mentor)

I know you can’t be separated from your phone. So while you’re on the phone interacting with the online community ask yourself what percentage of that interaction is actually useful to you?

Do most of these interactions add to your mind or translate into naira and kobo?

Cut down or cut off  non-beneficial relationships and push up useful one’s example of useful ones are influencers in the job’s sphere in the skills sphere in the personal development sphere etc

Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t relax and have fun online but just make sure that it does not make up the bulk of what you do when you log on.

Get Enough Sleep

The most successful people rest and sleep well. They revitalize their body systems so that they can apply themselves to their work, dreams and goals. 

You too need to form that habit. So go off your phone in time. Don’t be clubbing and partying around the o’clock because it looks like it’s the cool thing to do and because all your peers are doing it.

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Start Becoming Health-Conscious

Yes, you’re young and that implies you can eat and drink as you like abi? Forming bad eating and drinking habits now will haunt you later on when you are older.

And if you think you shouldn’t care about it now I have news for you statistics shows that the average life expectancy in Nigeria is 54.49 years. Ours is the third-lowest in the world. What this actually means is that by the time you are 27 you may have already spent have your life. 

Try to moderate what you eat and above all do exercise. Form the habit now. You are young and agile play football, basketball (I don’t mean on a device ooo)

 You don’t have to pay for a gym. Walking and running are free and skipping ropes are cheap.

A lot of older people in their fifties or sixties are dying right now because of preventable health-related issues.  I have lost family members early to preventable and manageable health conditions. Please take this seriously. Add a workout routine to your life today.

self improvement
Save and invest

Track your Expenses, Save and Invest

One of the most common complaints among youth such as you is a lack of money.

But when that so much sought after money gets into your hands what do you do with it? Buy new phones buy weave on, buy data?

I never saved when I was in university or when I had people who were helping me out financially please, please don’t make that mistake whether you are earning something small now or been giving an allowance put a percentage of that money aside and then invest it especially now that you are single. 

It takes monumental effort to put money aside when you have a family. So now that you are single make use of that advantage.

 No African Time

Please let the African time syndrome end with my own generation don’t allow it to be a part of you or if it’s already in you work hard very very hard to get rid of it.

It will keep you from competing at the highest level anywhere especially on the global stage. 

Whether it’s a job you’re looking for or a skill you have how. Learn to be at places on time and learn how to deliver on projects/ promises on time. This is how you will go to places and reach great heights.

Learn how to be thorough in all that you do

There is a general complaint that most young people do not put in their best when they work.

The work turned out seemed half-hearted, untidy, half done in fact you can see that no effort has been put into it.

Being thorough matters and it is one of the many reasons why you hear Nigerian youths are unemployable. 

So if you have been given something to today. Look at it and ask yourself if it’s your best? If not go back and make it your best.

Upgrade Yourself Regularly

Don’t let a year pass you by without learning something new or improving or something you are already good at. Change comes faster in your time than it did in mind.

If you learn something today and don’t bother to improve on it tomorrow by next year no one will want what you have to offer.

Surround Yourself with the Right People in your Age Group.

Surround yourself with the right kind of peers. Your peers will influence you for better or for worse so choose wisely.

Learn how to be helpful 

Helping other people is a very powerful way to grow. It makes you a better person and you feel good inside once you are done.

A lot of the successful honest people I know have gotten a massive boost to their success by helping others.

They’re the first kind of people you remember when there’s a job opening or there are projects to be done.

They’re also the group of people that rarely ever lack. Whenever they have problems they are quickly surrounded by people who want to assist them out of their predicament.

Learn to Show Gratitude

At the tail end of my youth service, I bought gifts for my guardian and his wife.

The look on their faces, I will never forget the prayers they prayed over me I will never forget.

Whenever anyone does anything for you please say thank you. Gratitude apart from being a nice thing to do also goes on to open doors.

 So in conclusion:

Learn to be patient

Be resilient 

Create time to be alone for some time every day

Create a plan/routine for yourself daily

Follow useful people on social media and in the world (Have a mentor)

Get enough sleep

Start Becoming Health-Conscious

Track your Expenses, Save and Invest

No African Time

Learn how to be thorough in all that you do

Upgrade Yourself Regularly

 Surround Yourself with the Right People in your Age Group.

Learn how to be helpful 

Learn to show gratitude

So try and incorporate all these simple things in your life at the beginning of this year. In other to help you remember simply write it down and put up where you can see it every day.

A year from now look back and see how you’ve grown. Then look back again and see where you are in ten years. Don’t see ten years as far. The older you get the faster time flies!

And that is it! What other self-improvement idea do you think you can implement on yourself at the start of this year that will make a big difference in your life?  I would love to hear from you please leave a comment.

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